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Model Chassis Pic Owner Email Location Comments
SF83 112   Don   Sk, Canada  
SF/FF-90 SF90-06
  John Spinello mail Chicago,IL Chassis 06. Originally a 2.0L Continental. Converted to a 1600 FF the during the winter of 2009.
FF82 82-155   DAVID DUNCAN mail Maitland Ont. CANADA Purchased yesterday, July 25 2009, from Glynn Walters. I expect to use the car for lapping days, solo events and the occasional race weekend.
SF84 161   Greg MacDonald
mail Winnipeg Manitoba
Purchased the car from Dan Fontaine in October 2008. Will run in the WSCC for 2009.
FF83 119   Neil Richardson mail Adelaide. South Australia This vehicle was imported new in Australia and holds a significant place in Australian Formula Ford history, as the winner of the 1985 "Motorcraft Formula Ford driver to Europe" series in the hands of Tomas Mezera. The vehicle has now been fully restored in its original livery.
SF88 075   Gregg Stewart mail Redding, VT  
F/A 8905 05   Reg Underhill
mail New South Wales Australia Chasing Original history of this car Please
F3 VW Brabham 863-33   North West Kent College mail Gravesend, Kent ARP 2000 F3.  Reg 004
Part of the student race team stable
SF87     Jørn Qviste mail Denmark  
SF84 199   David Gambling mail England Have owned this Reynard since 2003. The engine in the car is Cosworth yb .
Its a shame formula free is no more i can not race this car now with this engine
94D 019   Steve Klein mail Easton, CT  
883 045   Jussi Pinomaki mail Finland
93D 26   John Downey mail Ireland this was the ex pacific racing f3000 was then sold to TVR to form a new race class powered by an ajp engine but never took off.
SF84 240   Darren Joy  (Previous Owner) mail   Bought the Car from Richard Dutton Racing (Now Fortec Racing) in Grantham UK, Shipped to Seattle  in Jan. 1986. Ran mostly West Coast SCCA, won NW Region FC Championship in '87, '88. 6th at Road Atlanta National Championships in '86, 3rd in 87.
 F83 115   Deckers Joris mail Belgium In restoration at the moment
engine ford 2l
SF88 057 pic Richard Learned mail Newton, Kansas
SF88 057 is the sister car to Tony Kester's FF (1990 runoffs winner) modified by TDI and includes the modified front Hub pickup points, modified rear upper rockers and lower wishbones
SF83 098   Tim Brausse mail Scotch Creek B.C. Canada  
FF83 83F-110 pic Greg Lindahl mail Fairfield, CA Am completing my FF to FB (F1000) conversion with bodywork.  Raced the San Francisco Region SCCA double regional over the Labor Day weekend in '08.  Car worked fine and will be quicker when finished.
SF87 040 pic Dave Bowser mail IOWA
A complete restoration is in progress.
FF84 167   Charles Bucknor mail Alberta, Canada Car is under going a complete rebuild right now.
94D 023 pic Richard Fite mail Southern California, USA Arrive and Drive program in a Holden F-4000.
FF84 209 pic Peter Mohr mail Brisbane, Australia Bought mid 2008 from Jeff Slater WI USA
FF75 009 pic Michael Dunham mail Madison, Wisconsin
SF79 067 pic Wolfgang Eisele mail Schorndorf, Germany
FF82 003 pic Chuck Jarvie   Vancouver, Washington
FF82 011   Robert Pontin   Belleville, Ontario, Canada Originally Powell Motorsport / Gord Cullen car: 2nd Walter Wolf Challenge 1982. 2nd in 1983 Wolf Challenge FF1600 Championship. Apparently driven by Adrian Reynard in Powell/Mosport test session, summer 1982.
FF82 014 pic Gary Musciano mail Boonton Township, New Jersey
FF82 016   Allan T. Chou mail Westfield, New Jersey
FF82 020 pic Gord Lowe   Guelph, Ontario, Canada
FF82 021   Daniel Thompson   Montreal, Quebec, Canada I now own what's left of Reynard FF82 chassis number 021. It's basically a bunch of pieces and a bare frame. I'm hoping to find enough parts or parts cars around to do a ground up restoration on it.
FF82 035   Andrew Celovsky   Deep River, Ontario, Canada Car purchased from Texas 2006 - Under preperation for Formula Ford racing. Last raced ~10 years ago as a 2 litre car.
FF82 30   Motorsport Services mail Utah Straight, unmolested w/ substantial spares package.
Needs a good home.
SF82 --   John Mann   Ortonville,MI
FF83 035   Dan Allen mail Philo, Illinois
FF83 048 pic Ross Smith mail Westport, Ontario, Canada
FF83 052 pic Tod Powers mail Redding, CT Formerly Kevin Berry's car.
SF83 074 pic Steen Seit Jespersen mail Danmark
SF83 096 pic Cliff Von Hoene   Louisville, KY
FF83 106 pic Loren J. Tieman   Mukwonago, WI
FF83 119   Doug Matley   Sydney, Australia
FF84 -- pic Randy Bailey   Corpus Christi, TX
FF84 128   Nick Lubranski   Melbourne, Australia
SF84 134   Mark Hatheway mail Marietta, GA
SF84 136   Jeffery Handley   Toledo, OH
FF84 143   Vivian King   Sydney, Australia Previous owner was Don Holland, and before Don it was James Bricken (Tx, USA)
FF84 144   Peter Brennan   Melbourne, Australia
SF84 152 pic Terry Heffelfinger   Lake In The Hills, IL Car was previously owned by Brian Burke and won the 2002 ARRC (American Road Race Championship) Club Continental Class at Road Atlanta. Feature article was in Grass Roots Motorsports Magazine March, 2003 issue.
SF84 157   Barry Wise mail Gold Coast, Australia Does anyone know the history of this car it has SCCA roll hoop no 023 857 last USA owners were Keith Laney MI and an Ed Cozi who ran in Solo 1 and 2 A Mogul racing team may have owned it in the 80s.
SF84 161 pic Dan Fontaine   Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada The car was restored last year by the previous owner and before that was in Eastern Canada and used as a demo car.
FF84 162 pic Don Holland   Sydney, Australia Last Owner Adrian Aveni (USA)
FF84/SF84 177 pic John Goodman   Cary, IL Highly modified body work and pushrod front suspension.
SF84 179 pic Sean Loutitt   Calgary, AB, Canada Brought to Canada Fall 2007. Formerly owned by Phil Picard, Jr., Westchester County, NY
FF84 180   Don Holland   Sydney, Australia Previous owner was Randy Bailey (USA)
FF84 185   Gary Tholl   Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
FF84 193   Rich Sweigart mail Perkasie, PA  
SF84 226 pic --   Langley, BC, Canada
SF84 221   David Woodmancy   Rose Township, Michigan Purchased 8/07. Car has not seen track since 1988. Car will be ready for 2008!!!!!
SF84 234 pic John Felton   Wiley Ford, WV Delivered new to Craig Spaulding, Dallas, TX; Spent time in Florida running at Sebring and Daytona; Owned by Rex Burkheimer, Fort Worth, TX; Owned by David G. Davidson, did frame up restoration and added a Swift rear wing; Car purchased by John Felton.
SF84 247 pic Mark Ritter mail Marietta, GA
FF85 -- pic Ron Beard   Delaware
SF85 034   Mark Nadler   New Hampshire
SF86 028   Motorsport Services   Utah
SF/FF85 038 pic Oliver James Riester mail Zurich, Switzerland
FF86/SF86 008   Mark J. Harrison mail New Hope, PA
FF86 096   Sonny Furr   Potomac, MD
SF86 097   Motorsport Services   Utah
SF86 261 pic Greg Honeycutt   Maryland
SF86 280   Brian Smetaniuk   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
SF86 365 pic Paul Pfauser mail Phoenix, AZ
SF87/FF88 006 pic Gary Godula and Tamara McDaniel mail Detroit, MI Former Sam Ryan SF87 converted to FF87/88 prior to sale. Currently used for SCCA Solo and Club racing.
FF87 019 pic Per Henrik Nielsen   Denmark
SF87 022   Paddy O'Brien   Indianapolis, Indiana
SF87 030   Richard Franklin   Wilmington, NC Purchased from David Sava, December 2006
SF87 037 pic Ricky Habersin mail Florida
SF87/FF88 055 pic Jay Hansberry   Richmond, TX Purchased from Gary Payne in November 2006
SF88 045 pic Dave Barlass   Calgary, Canada
FF88/SF88 047 pic Butch Stanley Kezon mail Niles, IL
SF88 052   John Howland mail Mesa, AZ  
SF88 066   Barry Ott   Centenial, CO
FF88 066 pic ex-Kent Sawyer   --
FF88 087 pic Jeremy Mantello mail Australia Imported to Australia 1990 by David Ratcliff (Phoenix Motorsport). Then owned by Northern Tuning Services and driven by Graig Lowdnes. Sold to Trevor Hains. Next owner Jamie Larner then became a U Drive School car until purchased by Jeremy Mantello in 1996. Currently undergoing a full nut and bolt restoration by Bruin Beasley at Minda Motorsport. Any information on its early European history would be appreciated.
SF88 075   Paul Smith   Southwick, MA
SF88 086   Paul Lancaster   Timaru, New Zealand History wanted!!. This car was driven by Andrew Segwick in the northeast/division champ. Barry Haynie also drove this car.
SF88 089 pic Michael Montfort mail Hampton, GA
SF88 100 pic Mike Bingham   West Ohio Rex Gunning is driver / engine builder. Mike Bingham is Team Manager. Mike Fleming is Crew Chief. 2006 Great Lakes Division and Western Ohio Regional CFC Championship.
SF88 106   Johnny Reisert   Indiana
SF88 257   Trevor Earley mail New Zealand I would like to know more info on where this car came from. The log book says FORMULA MONOPOSTO MONDIALE and its original color was red with green tail section.
FF89 024   Don Holland   Sydney, Australia Car currently under restoration.
SF89 106   Steve Myers   Saline, MI Previously owned by Jamie Cole, Mark Defer and Don Strathearn.
SF89 110 pic Jamie Cole mail --
SF89 118 pic David Klutsenbaker mail Columbia, TN
SF90 001 pic Corey Collins   Windsor, Ontario, Canada
SF90 002 pic David Keep   Plymouth, MI Purchased the car from Jim Keller, Kelowna, BC, Canada on 3/4/2006 to run in the Great Lakes CFC Challenge. Currently active in DenDiv Regional CFC Championship.
SF90-FF90 008   Paul Bollenbach mail Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
SF90 010 pic John Patterson   San Antonio, TX Purchased car as a basketcase from a friend, recently, and I am in the process of frame-up rebuild.
SF90 011   Jeff Broadhead   Tacoma, WA
SF90 012   Phil Picard   Westchester, NY
SF90 016   Bruce MacDonald   Livonia, MI 2006 FC champ from Waterfordhills......CFC car now!!!
91D 003 pic Dave Kane   Scottsdale, AZ
92D 007   Motorsport Services mail Utah Pristine condition w/ fresh Holden, healthy spares package, manuals.
Not for the faint of heart!
Would consider sale to qualified party.
SF92 003   Tim Pierce   Wilmington, NC Purchased car from Lindsey Wolfer on 4/06/07.
FF92 134   Chad Michalak   Royal Oak, Michigan
92H 002   Wally Butler   Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Originally ran in New Zealand FA series with Craig Baird taking the championship.
92H 004 pic Randy Cook   Palo Alto, CA
92H 008 pic Tom Johnston   Vancouver, Canada Ran the car in pro Atlantic with driver Frank Allers.
SC93 001 pic Fred Michael mail Davis, CA
93D-Mugen 011 pic Nick Harrison mail Worcester, UK
93H 013 pic Tony Carpanzano   New Milford, CT Ex-Patrick Carpentier Pro Atlantic. Just completed restoration in 2007.
883 006   Lee Bennett   Worcestershire, UK
883-Opel 018 pic Nick Harrison mail Worcester, UK
883 020   Peter Dunne   Ireland Currently running in Formula Libre on Vauxhall 2.0 XE. Apparently this is the car that Roland Ratzenberger used in '88 British F3.
883 045B pic Tristan Cliffe   Norwich, UK Thought to be Rickard Rydell's car from '89 Swedish F3 with a TOM'S engine. Now raced in Monoposto championship.
883 046   Vincent Lundstrom   Sweden
903 058   Steve Wilkinson   Southport, UK Ex-European Aviation Monoposto Racer


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