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Reynard Racing Cars
This website is dedicated to Reynard Racing Cars.


The Reynard Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Ford 2000, which is our primary focus, makes a great car for the beginning race car driver. They are a rugged, dependable and easy to learn machine that in the right hands is capable of running towards the front of a pack of newer cars. It's rocker arm suspension is tough as nails and doesn't mind an occasional off-road excursion. The minimal amount of adjustments possible means that it easy to setup and keeps the new driver/owner/crew chief from getting into too much trouble. The Reynard is also a dream in the wet.

Here in the United States you will find an abundance of these fine cars competing in the SCCA Formula Ford, Formula Continental and Formula Atlantic classes, as well as in the S2000, CSR, and DSR classes.

Reynard F1600's and F2000's were produced in one form or another from 1973 to 1992.

Also included on this site are some of the most successful production Formula Cars raced in the mid 90's to the early 2000's, as campaigned in F3000(1988-1996), Formula Atlantic(1991- 1998), and CART/ Champ Car World Series(1994-2004).

We are very grateful to Reynard Racing Cars for developing and producing some of the most drivable, competitive race cars ever to grace a race track. It is a race car recognized world wide, as evidenced by the listings in our locator section.

Many thanks to  Dave Davidson for getting this valuable site off the ground. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. It is my pleasure to continue the development in the future while maintaining the quality that has been present since it's inception.

Jeff Handley

Two Handed Cast Front Uprights for the 84
No details on this but Ian Parkington of Lancashire, England says he has Cast Front Uprights available for the 84 Reynard.

Click here to email him 


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